Monthly Archives: April 2010

Flora Medica

New work
model: Rebekah Ryan

is the working title for a new series I’ve been milling around in my head lately, combining humans with medical instruments and plants. The organic sentient and non sentient beings and the cold medical instrument, life and death and rebirth, etc, ect. The truth is that I have more of an intuitive idea of where I want this to go than a concrete one. Nevertheless, it is a start.

In a way, this project is picking up where The Bouquet left off. The twist is that instead of just a prop the flowers or plants become more of a character in a continuing story rather than an embellishment. Naturally, part of the inspiration for this also comes from happily working in the Mütter Museum the past six months and being directly involved with the revitalization of The Benjamin Rush Medicinal Plant Garden and being reminded of the fact that modern pharmacopoeia has its roots (pun intended) in herbal medicine


Quick and Dirty Photo-Illustration

of self-portrait with antique nasal speculum.