Purchased this at the Art Star Craft Bazaar this weekend. Rainbow cake pendant  & cupcake earrings
by Inedible Jewelry!

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Rainbow Pride


Celebrating the 200th Birthday of Dr. Mütter

Less than two weeks till the 3rd annual Mütter Ball!

Purchase your tickets here:



I will return to designing my costume now.


p.s. Promo graphics designed by yours truly.



Pearls before Swine

Specimen I is the first installment in the new series I’m starting, “Specimens”, exploring the politics of display presentation, the tradition of still life vanitas, and the ideas surrounding the creation of “museum objects”. For inspiration and reference,  I will be looking into the work of iconic anatomist Frederik Ruysch and other anatomists.

Fall at Morris Arboretum

Morris Arboretum website

Specimen II